How to Can BONE-IN Chicken Breast – No precooking! It cooks right in the jar!

How to can bone-in chicken breasts
Of course canned chicken isn’t pretty! But that’s not the point! When you can bone-in chicken breasts, you’ll quickly see how easy it is, as well as how versatile it is to use. You’ll want to make sure you always have some on your pantry shelf!

Can BONE-IN Chicken Breast Ingredients There are just two!

  • Bone-in chicken breasts – About 2 lbs. will fit in each quart jar (About 1 lb. per pint)
  • Salt – 1 tsp. per quart jar (For pints, it would be 1/2 tsp.)


from the National Center for Home Food Preservation

Raw pack – Add 1 teaspoon salt per quart, if desired. Fill jars loosely* [see my note about this below] with raw meat pieces, leaving 1-1/4 inch headspace. Do not add liquid.

Adjust lids and process following the recommendations in Table 1 or Table 2 according to the canning method used.

I wondered what “loosely” meant for canning bone-in chicken so I contacted our local Extension office. I sent a photo of my finished jars to ensure that they were canned safely because I always want to make sure the food I can is safe. Loosely apparently does not mean you have lots of room for the chicken to knock around in the jar.

The jars I processed in the video above appear to be packed tightly but not as tight as you might think. That’s because the pieces don’t fit together snugly thanks to the bones so it took some work to get them in there. The pictures of the finished jars make it apparent that there was plenty of room in the jars for them to process correctly as bone-in chicken.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Boneless chicken must be processed longer because muscle tissue is more dense than bones. As the heat is transferred through the jar, it takes longer for an adequate heat to be reached in the center of the jar to kill botulism spores in pure muscle tissue than it does for chicken that has bones throughout.

Chicken canning times and pressures

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What can you do after you can bone-in chicken breast?

After you can bone-in chicken breast, you can use it to make QUICK Chicken and Pastry, chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, casseroles, chicken and rice soup, chicken and corn meal dumplings, and so much more!

Video Transcript

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How to Can Bone-In Chicken Breast

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