Prepping for food shortages! 2022 Garden Tour – What I’m growing + FREE fertilizer tip!

Prepping for food shortages is critical, especially with empty shelves everywhere and supply chain issues with grain, fertilizer, and everything that those contribute to producing. And that’s to say nothing of inflation. Those of us keep a well-stocked pantry AND grow some of our own food will be glad we did as we get further into the so-far challenging 2022.

I’ve been talking for years about stocking up and being prepared and the importance of growing a garden.

Growing your own food is a great way to offset the economic impacts of inflation and the serious problem of food shortages. I also share a tip for how to make free fertilizer FAST — only takes a couple of weeks!

Here’s my 2022 garden tour of what I’ve got growing so far and how we’re prepping for food shortages.

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Dehydrating food

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