How to Make Fluffy Biscuits – An Old-Fashioned Country Recipe

Fluffy biscuits

There are all kinds of ways for you to learn how to make biscuits, but when you understand the key techniques I mention in this video, you’ll be baking perfect, fluffy biscuits every single time!

In addition, you’ll be able to play around with the ingredients to get the exact biscuit recipe to suit your taste.

Make Fluffy Biscuits EVERY TIME.

This version uses self-rising flour, whole milk, and butter. (Soon, I’ll post a video making biscuits with lard and buttermilk.)

Preheat oven to 475.

*** It is VERY important that your oven is HOT! Don’t try to bake biscuits in a 350º oven! They’ll take too long to cook and they’ll come out tough!

Fluffy Biscuits Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 cups self-rising flour (My favorite self-rising flour is Daily Bread. If they don’t have it in your area, perhaps you can request it from your grocer. If not, you may have to try different self-rising flour varieties until you find the perfect one for you.)
  • ~5 Tbsp. cold butter
  • ~3/4 cup milk (I prefer to use whole milk, but you can use skim milk if you prefer.)

These are delicious with old-fashioned peach jam.

Here is an affiliate link to the cookie cutters I’m using in the video:

Fluffy Biscuits Recipe

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