Traditional Cranberry Sauce – An old-time favorite for the holidays & gift giving!

Everyone loves traditional cranberry sauce for their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. This can also make a nice gift to give. You can jar these up in pint jars, as I am doing in this video, but half-pint and 4 oz. jars also make nice options.

Where I live, the processing time is 15 minutes. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has a chart that will tell you the exact time you need to process cranberry sauce based on your elevation.

Here is a link to the steam canner in this video:

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Traditional Cranberry Sauce Recipe


12 cups cranberries
6 cups water
6 cups sugar


  • Butter (up to 1 teaspoon to reduce foaming)
  • Spices (Use any of your favorite spices sparingly and only choose a combination you feel confident would work well with cranberries.)
  • Orange juice (Some people might substitute a small amount of the water for orange juice to create an Orange Cranberry sauce. Additonally, you can add some orange zest.)

In this video, I’m using a dash of each of the following:

  • Nutmeg
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon

This recipe makes about 6 pint jars. You may have enough left over for one half-pint jar.

Tip: To determine your own amount, just use a 2:1:1 ratio of cranberries to sugar to water.

So if you decide to make 8 half-pints of cranberry sauce (4 pints), you would just need 8 cups of cranberries, 4 cups of sugar, and 4 cups of water.

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