Favorite Canning Recipes – Things I WILL & WON’T Can Again (Pt. 1 Meats & Soups/Stews) | Prepper Pantry – Emergency Food Storage

In this video, I discuss my favorite canning recipes for my prepper pantry in the categories of meats & soups/stews, as well as the things in those categories that I won’t be canning again.

Find all of my canning videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcyZYj2Dr9a5f2mdQmSL6D0848NhgLy5O (More videos are on the way.)

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Not sure how often this will come out, but the idea is to give you something printable that you can have on hand for tips if there is an SHTF scenario and you can’t access resources online.

For now, learn about my favorite canning recipes

Favorite Canning Recipes

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